Hekka Coins

About Hekka Coins

Every 1 Hekka Coin = $1

About Expiration date

Hekka coins' have an expiration date of seven days to three months (or longer, depending on different situations). They will be automatically deleted from your account if you DO NOT redeem them before the expiration date.

About Coins Redemption

  1. Hekka coins can be used on EVERY Hekka site. Users can choose to use 25%, 50%, or 70% of coins in the wallet to deduct the order amount during checkout (including shipping costs, tax, etc.).

  2. You are also allowed to stack Hekka coins with other Hekka campaigns/events, such as a special offer or a coupon code.

About How To Earn Coins

  1. 10 Hekka coins will be rewarded to the users who placed and paid for their orders during Black Friday by lucky draw.

About Coins Return

  1. Partial Return: You will receive a refund of particular items you wish to return, with NO Hekka coins returned, regardless of item quantity.

  2. Full Return: Hekka coins will be returned to your account along with your order refund.