Company Info

Who We Are

What is Hekka

Founded in Singapore, Hekka is an international online marketplace that features a broad range of products and is emerging as a lifestyle shopping platform that brings products at a fair price to netizens. Together with its large audience, Hekka cherishes and celebrates everyday moments through its capability to create an inclusive, cross-border and seamless shopping experience for all. Counting on high-end technology and following emerging trends, Hekka stands as a reminder that living life while celebrating simple everyday pleasures is a great way to achieve life’s fulfillment. To learn more about Hekka, visit

How we do business

1. Innovation

Using new tech is the way to lead the market, by using the excitement of discovery and creating a magical & memorable experience.

2. Services

An excellent supply chain to ensure fast & safe deliveries as well as responsive customer service and an easy return process.

3. Community

We work with Top Influencers to create a lively and active community. Which we hope will drive us closer to our customers and answer real needs.

4. Trust

Hekka is an international and honest platform offering transparent services, with stable policies and a clear introduction.

Our Pillars

1. Customer Satisfaction

We see our relationship with customers as a long-term one. After your purchase, our trained customer service will be there to answer your questions, and we offer a reasonable warranty and return policy.

2. Reliable Logistics

With an excellent supply chain, we make sure we deliver your orders fast to your door, and you can track your order the entire time.

3. Affordable Shipping

We know how important it is to keep shipping rates at a reasonable price, that's why we offer low rates.

4. Safety First

Secure transactions and the safety of personal data are important. We only accept payment via secure and verified gateways.

What We Do

Hekka has its own platform,, and an App built for iOS and Android featuring a range of products and categories. Its main categories consist of 3C (Computer, Communication, and Consumer Electronics) and fashion, and it also features home decor in the European market. Soon enough, Hekka will offer products of all sorts for different audiences.

Our team culture

1. Customer Focused

When it comes to customers, we have a customer-centric approach. Hekka provides a positive customer experiences before and after the sale, in order to drive repeated business, increase the number of regular customers, enhance customer loyalty and improve business growth. At Hekka, customers will always be at the center, which requires us to be resilient enough to withstand market changes and find opportunities to make breakthroughs. In addition, customer-centricity involves aligning organizational resources to effectively respond to the ever-changing needs of customers and building mutually profitable relationships with customers.

2. Access to Opportunity

Every employee is a superhero at Hekka. The world of e-commerce is a great way for people to build valuable skills and grow meaningful careers. At Hekka, everyone has the opportunity to celebrate daily highlights, cherish a simple but meaningful life with our audience and, alongside, discover a path to a great career.

3. The Power of Time

Our team sticks to long-termism, which means we believe in the power of time. We always stay patient and never give up. When we have set higher and further goals, we implement them in stages step by step, until we reach our goals.

4. Voice Matters

We are an inclusive platform, not only because we are reaching customers globally, but we work with people from different cultural backgrounds too. Hekka highly encourages independent and critical thinking. We sincerely respect every team member and are always willing to accept suggestions and comments.

Singapore branch office:

Company Name: DTGC Pte. Ltd

Phone: +65 6389 3903

Company Address: 10 Anson RD 27-18 International Plaza Singapore (079903)

Please note that this is NOT the customer service number. If you have any questions, please contact us here.